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The massive amount of data in our workplaces and in our daily lives creates new challenges: how can we make data easy to understand and use in a meaningful way? We work to provide solutions to these challenges. We imagine, design, develop and implement new ways of interaction between humans and data.

User research

Understand needs and anticipate new trends in data usage.

Look for fresh product and service ideas to bring value to data.

Your challenges

  • Understand the data requirements of your users

  • Discover useful information that can be extracted from your data

  • Understand how different datasets can be tailored for different audiences

Our expertise

  • User interviews

  • User research

  • Brainstorming workshops

  • Data analysis

  • Translation of data to information

  • Prioritization of needs

  • Use cases definition

  • Drafting specifications

Recent project

Tool - Groupe RATP

Model and visualize millions of public transport journeys to better match transport services with demand.

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Product design

Design data-rich products and services that maximize user friendliness and audience engagement,

while at the same time respecting technical constraints.

Your challenges

  • Develop an intuitive user interface for data-rich products

  • Ensure users with little or no expertise can manage complex data

  • Improve the usability and relevance of your data management interfaces

Our expertise

  • Design thinking

  • User-centric design

  • Conception and design with real data

  • Iterative prototyping

  • Wireframing

  • Interaction and information design

  • Interface and product design

  • User testing

Recent project

Tool - Bloom

Facilitate the use and understanding of algorithms for analyzing conversations on social media.

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Experiment and innovate with data.

Use the creative and artistic potential of data to bring humans and data closer together.

Your challenges

  • Make the information contained in your data visible

  • Demonstrate the value of your data

  • Explore new concepts in data usage

Our expertise

  • Explore ‘big data’

  • Prototyping with real data

  • MVP development

  • Immersive experiences

  • Generative art

  • Creative installations

Recent project

Prototype - Michelin DDI

Highlighting how data from 50,000 connected drivers can contribute to improving road infrastructure.

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Data storytelling

Create interfaces that help understand and use data.

Use advanced visualization techniques to uncover information hidden in large volumes of data.

Your challenges

  • Present your data in a clear and attractive fashion

  • Provide memorable information experiences based on data

  • Make complex information accessible to large audiences

Our expertise

  • Design and develop customized data visualization

  • Develop interactive experiences

  • Data storytelling

  • Present complex information in accessible ways

  • Data and algorithm education

Recent project

Creative installation - EDF R&D

Use an educational simulator to highlight the importance of energy flexibility.

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Decision making tools

Create analysis and decision making support tools to make data useful across industries and trades.

Provide accessible tools that make it possible for everyone—regardless of technical ability—to work with data.

Your challenges

  • Make large quantities of data both intelligible and actionable

  • Allow all skill sets to be able to work with large volumes of data

  • Use data to help make more informed decisions

  • Change habits and ways of working with data

Our expertise

  • Create business interfaces for big data

  • Design and develop business tools to exploit data

  • Respond to the needs of businesses in terms of data

  • Manage the whole design lifecycle for new tools

  • Collaborate with internal technical teams within organizations

  • Development in agile methods

Recent project

Application - ENS-Lyon/CNRS, Sony CSL, Inria

Enhancing the diagnostics of crop development by speeding up the verification of their measurements.

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Data driven strategy

Recommend strategies to maximize the value of data.

Transform ways of working with data and devise new ways of using it.

Your challenges

  • Ensure your organization is empowered to exploit data

  • Identify new sources of value that are related to data

  • Prepare a roadmap to maximize the use of data

Our expertise

  • Define strong and clear metrics

  • Define risk and new opportunities

  • Map available data

  • Frame data-rich projects

  • Prepare action plans to maximize the value of data

  • Provide data curation and education workshops

Recent project

Prototype - Swisscom Mobility Insights

Conveying the value of Swisscom’s mobility data to better understand urban mobility.

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