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Highlight interesting stories from the masses of data relating to activity on telecommunications networks.




2019 - 3 months


The installation is projected in the hall of Orange France's head office and reaches 10,000 visitors every month.

We combined data storytelling, 3D visualization and animation to offer Orange France an original information experience. This installation, projected on a big screen, is now displayed in the lobby of the company’s headquarters.


To help bring their new reception hall to life, Orange France wanted to project an installation on a big screen to tell stories about their data. With this project, Orange France had several objectives. They wanted to help visitors discover their universe and to arouse the curiosity of viewers, but also to provide a positive image of the data.


For this project, Orange entrusted us with the analysis of large volumes of data relating to 3G/4G use, SMS and calls, aggregated by city and by customer profile. We used this data to identify different consumer trends according to the time of year, the ages of customers and their home environments.


We started by exploring the data to identify interesting stories. We then used the data to develop a prototype that embodied these stories, and translated them visually. Finally, we worked on the animations and transitions to develop an application that could be broadcast continuously on a big screen.


The application combines the visualization of 3D data with moving images and text to offer visitors an original information experience. We chose immersive representations to give the viewer the feeling of being immersed in Orange France's data, and to provide them with a behind-the-scenes insight.


The viewing sequences are connected to real data and vary constantly to maintain the interest of viewers. With each new broadcast, a city or a customer profile is drawn at random from the database.

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