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Malakoff Humanis


2018 - 4 months


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We devised a way for Malakoff Humanis to share their data in a way that encourages its reuse. We did this by making it easy to compare the results of 10 annual surveys on working conditions, while also providing a way for new surveys to be added each year. Most importantly, the project allows the general public to place and explore data in a broader sociological context.


Malakoff Humanis conducts annual surveys on working conditions. More and more, they were being asked for access to their data. To mark the 10th anniversary of their working life barometer, Malakoff Humanis entrusted us with the creation of a platform to provide and share key findings from the surveys.

The choices of visualizations highlight the changes to working conditions over the past 10 years.


A market research group has conducted the surveys for Malakoff Humanis each year for 10 years. We worked with the source data for each of these surveys.


Firstly, we standardized the survey questions to enable the results to be compared over time. We then developed a metadata grid to ensure future survey results can be fed directly into the system and explored by the public without further technical intervention. The platform's architecture provides templates that are used to automatically create pages from survey results as they are inserted into the database.

The visualizations make it possible to compare the conditions at work across several segments of the population in line with age, profession, company size, etc.


In addition to making raw data available, the platform offers a visual exploration tool that's designed to allow audiences to engage with the data. Data visualizations make it easier to compare results over time in line with different populations or company profiles. The data and the way it’s presented aid our understanding of how work-life conditions have evolved over the 10 years.


Several pages are dedicated to storytelling data: the key lessons taken from the surveys are presented through animated illustrations. They enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the platform for both the general public and the media. The animations are designed to help visitors find relevant data and to place it in context.

Marc Fargeas

Monitoring, Prospective, Strategic Studies Manager, Malakoff Humanis

“ With their professionalism and combined expertise in communication and data processing, Dataveyes has enabled us to strengthen our value proposition in terms of bettering understanding human capital. ”

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