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The era of rich data and connected things disrupts the way data is used. We want to play an active role in crossing boundaries and tackling new challenges as human-data interactions undergo this revolution. To help achieve this, we spend 20% of our time on internal prototypes.

Commute ● Prototype

Use new ways of presenting data to raise awareness among the general public about noise pollution in the metro.

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The streets of Paris ● Application

Reveal the uniqueness of Parisian streets.

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Datagraph ● Creative installation

Educate the general public about new technologies using a robot that draws with data.

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Bitcoin Blockchain Visualizer ● Prototype

Explain the basic concept of the Bitcoin blockchain by visualizing it in real time.

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Metropolitain ● Application

Reveal the dynamics of the Paris metro via the visualization of data that describes the daily lives of commuters.

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Live Magazine - Gaité Lyrique - MH370

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