Senior designer - data product designer

Type of contract

Permanent contract


Paris, 2e


€45,000–€65,000 gross, depending on experience


Created in 2010, Dataveyes is a studio specialising in the interaction between humans and data. We build tools that respond to problems that large amounts of information and data pose.

We work on our own products, as well as on products for clients – and always to a very high standard in terms of design quality and execution. Our ambition is to invent solutions that allow everyone – expert or novice – to understand complex data, and we are convinced that perfecting the user experience is the key to achieving this goal.

Dataveyes has been self-funded since its inception, which gives us the freedom to pursue our own vision and methods.

About the role

We are launching a large-scale project: a cartographic tool that maps publications to allow users to easily explore entire collections of documents and concepts. We are looking for a talented designer to take the project from the prototype stage right through to the point at which the tool can be used commercially.

In addition to your role as lead designer on this new product, you will also work on designs and interfaces for other tools developed by Dataveyes for our clients. Your role will include interface design, user experience design, interaction design, information design, and graphic design.

You will play a key role in our team, putting technology at the fingertips of users and bringing to life a vision that places people at the centre of the data ecosystem.


You will create user experiences that make massive amounts of data useful and usable.

  • You will participate in user research work and take ownership of the results.

  • You will question preconceived ideas about user needs, and you anticipate new uses for data.

  • You will study the data and the information it reveals from a user perspective.

  • You will develop prototypes that provide visual and interactive ways of making data usable and interesting.

  • You will sketch elegant solutions to solve information-related problems that complex data can present.

  • You will collaborate with the rest of the team (product manager and developers) to synthesize ideas to create stronger, more coherent outcomes.

You will design interfaces that empower users to understand and interact with data.

  • You will translate your user experience concepts into accurate wireframes, taking into account technical constraints, performance issues and user context.

  • You will augment interfaces by adding to them a graphic layout that makes the interface more approachable, and you will create corresponding mock-ups.

  • You will implement good readability and usability practices for the design of clear, ergonomic and pleasant interfaces.

  • You will test your work on users, and adjust your designs until you achieve fluid interfaces.

  • You will anticipate special features or characteristics of the data, and take them into account in your designs.

  • You will design in detail and specify high-quality interfaces that are suitable for all user interactions and viewing formats (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc).

You will communicate and document your work, and facilitate its implementation to ensure high-quality designs.

  • You will work to eliminate asymmetric information and ensure you produce deliverables that have a positive impact on the work of the entire team, and on our external contacts.

  • Within the framework of our agile and iterative work methods, you will collaborate on an ongoing basis with the rest of the team to achieve successful product outcomes.

  • You will be able to clearly and patiently explain your work, defend your decisions, and use constructive criticism to help improve your work.

  • You will produce style guides to help facilitate the implementation of our interfaces.

  • You will build and maintain flexible and consistent design systems for our products.

  • You will liaise closely with the technical team to support the accurate rendering of tools.

You will bring to life and help develop the visual identity of Dataveyes and our products.

  • You will maintain the consistency of our visual identity and help it to evolve, and also create the visual identities of our new products.

  • You will support the creation of designs for Dataveyes’ external visibility and communications.

  • You will help promote the work of Dataveyes by contributing to our lab and to our blog, and by participating in conferences.

You will continue your own training and contribute to the professional development of our team.

  • You will actively monitor developments in the data visualization and interface design worlds.

  • You will continuously test new tools, formats and methods that can help improve your work as well as that of the team.

  • You will share your knowledge with the team and remain committed to helping everyone in the team develop and progress their work.

Essential skills

Solid experience designing complex interfaces

You have at least 5 years’ experience in interactive design/interface design for products or complex projects. You can provide examples of your previous work solving complex problems and demonstrate the impact of your work on end users.

Excellent knowledge of the fundamentals of user-centric design

You have mastered the different facets of digital design (information architecture, structure, readability, interaction, grid system, typography) on different formats and in different digital channels (screens, mobile, tablet, connected objects, etc). You understand and have your own opinions about good interface design and user-centric design.

Mastery of production design tools

You are fast and proficient with Figma (or equivalent software such as Sketch). You use prototyping tools or you prototype directly by coding. You are able to share style guides you have created to complement previous work and communicate your designs to developers.

Experience in a technology-driven culture and knowledge of code

You have a good knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS)–you use them in your work and you understand their constraints and possibilities. You have experience working in a team that brings together developers and designers. You are comfortable in a highly technical world–algorithms and IoT do not faze you.

Comfortable with data

You know how to interpret graphics. You can open a 10,000-line dataset and extract information that can be used in your design concepts

A talent for communication

You can express yourself with ease, both orally and in writing. You are comfortable presenting your work in a group setting. You are able to take on board constructive feedback. You can read and speak French and English.

Desirable skills

Mastery in web development languages

You know how to develop in HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can code your own designs.

Knowledge of the fundamentals of data visualization and visual semiology

You can cite data visualization jobs that have impressed you. You know what a relational graph by force layout is, and what its visual alternatives can be.

Familiarity with data visualization libraries

You have mastered the basics of D3.js, processing or development in WebGL.

Animation skills

You can recommend and prototype animations to enrich the visual quality of the interfaces. You have mastered the tools to produce advanced animations connected to data (Blender or Framer, for example).

Management experience

You have a vision for a design team and a method of structuring it. You have already recruited and managed junior designers. You are comfortable being a manager and you are committed to training a team in the future.

Experience with agile ways of working

You have already worked for a company that demonstrates agile methods in its product development. You have the skills required to facilitate smooth interactions between designers and developers methods. You can discuss the role of designers in the product development cycle.

Personal skills

Rigor and perfectionism

You care about details, you are able to produce high-quality work, and you can meet demanding requirements. You are open to criticism, and you never miss an opportunity to question your work.

Organization and respect for deadlines

You organize yourself and prioritize your tasks in order to guarantee high-quality, reliable work. You always work to meet agreed deadlines. You are comfortable working in an environment where new projects or features are delivered regularly.

Abstract thinking and an ability to manage complexity

You like to deal with complex and dense information. You are committed to using design to find solutions and solve problems.

Empathy and a taste for teamwork

You are comfortable in a collaborative working environment where results are obtained as a team and by iteration. You welcome input from collaborators and you use feedback constructively in order to engage effectively with the team.

Curiosity and a desire to learn

You enjoy new challenges, and you believe the most difficult problems can be solved in a multidisciplinary environment. Working in a team that combines design, data and code energizes you, as does the prospect of learning new things every day.

Autonomy and adaptability

You know how to work independently, while also being a team player. You question and adapt your approach when it is not delivering the necessary results. You are comfortable in a rapidly changing environment, and using work methods that are constantly evolving.

Working environment

There are currently 6 people in the Dataveyes team, and we have plans to expand this over the coming years.

We place openness at the heart of our culture:

  • We value a diversity of backgrounds within our team.

  • We allow everyone to work independently and to participate in setting priorities.

  • We prefer a ‘bottom-up’ approach to working, which provides problems without imposing solutions.

  • We allocate time and resources for professional development and training.

  • We implement principles of transparency and fairness in the management of the company.


In short, we are looking for a talented designer who is able to bring their own vision, ideas and experience to the team.

Recruitment takes place in 4 stages:

  • We will look at your CV and portfolio.

  • You will have two interviews with the co-founders of Dataveyes.

  • We will ask you to complete a case study as part of a skills test at home.

  • You will go through a final interview at which point you will meet the rest of the team.

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